Editing Tips Part 10: Showing vs Telling

In the realm of self-editing and receiving alpha and beta reader feedback, there’s one discussion that’s almost always present: showing versus telling. An element of both developmental editing as well as copy editing, a writer’s ability to know when to implement showing a reader what’s unfolding as opposed to outright telling them can be aContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 10: Showing vs Telling”

Editing Tips Part 9: Finding the Right Editor

As we mentioned in the seventh installment of our Editing Tips series, there are many different types of editors. Many writers wonder if they really need every type of editor, and our answer is that while every manuscript needs each stage of editing, it’s not strictly necessary for each book to be edited by everyContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 9: Finding the Right Editor”

Editing Tips Part 8: Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity reading is a term becoming more common in the writing community, but what does it mean? A sensitivity reader is someone who has experience in a certain situation or condition and understands and is able to communicate areas of misunderstanding, stereotyping, or bias regarding a particular topic. These situations, conditions, or topics could rangeContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 8: Sensitivity Reading”

Editing Tips Part 7: Types of Editors

So far in our editing tips series, we’ve shared some tips and tricks for how you can self-edit your manuscript. However, we always recommend working with a professional editor prior to querying if you’re aiming to acquire a contract with an independent or traditional publisher; if you’re planning to self-publish, we absolutely encourage you toContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 7: Types of Editors”

Editing Tips Part 6: Proofreading

Congratulations! You have a finished manuscript; you’ve been through possibly many rounds of editing, and your overall story as well as the word choice and sentence structure are now finished. It’s been a long journey, but you’re finally ready to publish. Well, almost. There’s one final editing step before you put your story into theContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 6: Proofreading”

Editing Tips Part 5: Copy Editing

So, you’ve had a great story in your head and written it out, and you’ve decided you want to share it with the world. After you’ve shared it with beta readers and the manuscript has undergone developmental editing, all of which is more focused on the story itself rather than the elements of spelling, grammar,Continue reading “Editing Tips Part 5: Copy Editing”

Editing Tips Part 4: Developmental Editing

When it comes to editing a manuscript, what most people readily think of are the classic red marks that correct grammar or typos: copy editing. And while copy editing is crucial, before you reach that stage, there’s another phase of editing: developmental editing. In our previous two posts in our editing series, we’ve shared someContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 4: Developmental Editing”

Editing Tips Part 3: The Hero’s Journey

For many writers, when trying to assess if their story “works” yet or is ready for the next stage of editing, they find themselves in a balancing act of developmental editing. On one side, there’s the plot’s progression; on the other, there’s the development and journey of one’s main character. While you can use Freytag’sContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 3: The Hero’s Journey”

Editing Tips Part 2: Story Structure

As many writers often encounter, there are numerous schools of thought when it comes to the drafting process. Fellow writers have opinions about whether or not you should edit as you write, if you should plot your story in its entirety before you write a single word or simply start writing and let the charactersContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 2: Story Structure”

Editing Tips Part 1: Top Five

You’ve finished writing, and now it’s time to start editing. Most likely, you’ll work with a professional editor further along in the process, but for now, self-edits are the next step. Where is the best place to start? Josha’s editors have come together once again to provide you with a few tips to make theContinue reading “Editing Tips Part 1: Top Five”