Why Josha Publishing?

Hi! I’m Shanna, founder and owner of Josha Publishing. I started this company after surveying the traditional publishing landscape and realizing authors need a different publishing model that is focused on authors and their work, rather than the bottom line. I’ve found that when the focus is shifted from profits to content, there are fewer barriers to entry, which means more books with the power to change lives make their way into the world.

Whether we’re talking about fiction or non-fiction, children’s books or books for adults, every book a reader picks up has an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on that reader, to in some way change their outlook on life or their view of the world and the people in it—an opportunity to positively impact the lives of those around us. And that’s an opportunity Josha takes very seriously.

We not only want to impact the lives of our readers, but we believe in making a positive impact on the lives of our authors. If you contract to publish with us, our priority is to make sure your story is told as beautifully and authentically as possible without sacrificing your mental health as you write and self-edit your manuscript. This is the #1 goal of every Josha editor.

Values and Josha’s Beginning

As a company, we’ve kept our values simple and transparent. Integrity, Passion, and Purpose. That’s it. And you can read about what that means from a company perspective here. But where did these values come from and what do they mean to me personally?

I only publish authors and works I truly believe present a message the world needs. By that, I mean stories that have heart, that showcase the human experience, or shine a spotlight on an unfortunate area of life that’s previously been hidden or relegated to the shadows. Ever since I can remember reading, I’ve been drawn to stories like this—stories that are gritty and raw and realistic, stories that make you cry and learn something about yourself and the world around you, stories of the incredible strength and courage of the human spirit.

Unfortunately, there aren’t as many of these books in the world as there should be, partially because they don’t neatly fit into a defined genre, so I decided to publish them myself. I know there are more readers out there like me who want to read these types of stories, just as I know there are authors out there who are writing them and looking for the right avenue to get them into the world.

Books that sink their teeth into your heart and refuse let go are what I’m passionate about—writing them and publishing them (yes, I said writing—I write under the pen name of Katherine Turner!). These are the books that can literally transform lives. In fact, we’ve already seen that happen.

My own first novel, Finding Annie, primarily about a woman fumbling through adulthood as she begins to process and heal from childhood trauma and abuse, found its way to the desk of author and editor Olivia Castetter for proofreading in late 2019. Along with returning my manuscript, Olivia sent me a letter about how reading my book helped her come to terms with some of her own childhood trauma and made her realize that she isn’t alone.

Fast forward a little over a year later to when I sent my next book, moments of extraordinary courage, to her desk for editing, my chapter titled “#metoo” inspired her to tell her own me, too statement for the very first time; I was both privileged and honored that she chose to share that statement with me. But that isn’t even the end of this story.

I was deeply moved when I read Olivia’s statement, both by her story and her ability to clearly, articulately, and compassionately demonstrate the connections between abuse in her early childhood, societal norms, and the sexual assaults she was later a victim of. I knew as soon as I read her words that her story had the potential to reach so many other survivors in the world and let them know they aren’t alone. To inspire, encourage, and empower them to find the warriors within themselves and begin to rewrite their futures. To leave a profoundly positive impact on the world. And, so, Josha brought Olivia on as our second author.

Speaking of compassion, that’s important to me and vital for Josha. Judgment proliferates in the world today, leading to anger, hatred, discrimination, violence, and more. Much of this cannot be disabled without compassionate understanding, which is a byproduct of everything Josha publishes. Our books not only entertain or connect to survivors, but do so in a way that those without shared experience can deepen their awareness and insight, fostering their ability to live with that all-important compassionate understanding.

A brief history

2018:  Josha Publishing is conceptualized.

2019:  Operations officially begin when Josha becomes a legal entity.

2020:  Published our first book, Finding Annie by Katherine Turner—this is the only book published this year.

2021:  Published two nonfictions books by Katherine Turner, nonfiction memoir essay collection moments of extraordinary courage and her first memoir, resilient. We also brought on author Olivia Castetter.

2022:  We’ll release four books and bring on up to two new authors.

Beyond:  Submissions will reopen and Josha will continue to grow, one chapter at a time.

My vision for the company

Josha’s priority is publishing the stories the world needs; profitability is a byproduct. And, by the way, not one I intend to profit handsomely from. Our authors are the people spending months or even years working on their books. Our editors are the people working closely with them to tell these raw and touching stories. Our designers and formatters are the people helping to create covers and interiors that embody the heart of our authors’ stories. For this reason, I believe our authors, editors, designers are the people who should be reaping the benefits of profitability, and that’s why our contracts look a bit different than you will find anywhere else.

When I think about the future of Josha, I envision a community that works together to write and publish stories that will make the world a better place—not only today, but for generations to come.

Josha Publishing, LLC is a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-run company that is passionate about booksstories, and the power of words to change lives. Learn more about us here and remember to sign up for our newsletter to find out about new content, new books, and submissions update.

Integrity. Passion. Purpose.
A new way of publishing.

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