ARC Program

As an independent publisher, our ARC Team is an integral part of every book we publish. For the first five years of business, we largely relied on our friends in the industry, but as we look to expand our selection of novels and nonfiction, we are looking to grow our ARC Team.

If you’re an avid reader, or even a casual reader who is passionate about discovering new authors and new books, please review the information about our ARC Program below. You can also learn more about the type of books we publish here. If you’re interested in joining our ARC Team, complete this survey.

What is an ARC?

An ARC, or Advance Reading Copy (sometimes called an Advance Review Copy) is a free copy of a book given to a select group of people prior to its mass distribution (i.e., publication). These people may be booksellers who may decide to distribute the book in their store, librarians who consider new books for their catalog, journalists who review books for a periodical, reviewers who post about the book on their blog, social media, or simply review the book on its sales page, or even celebrities for an endorsement quote.

ARC can also refer to an advance reader’s edition, advance copy, or a reader’s edition. ARCs are known by many names but are generally the same thing.

Are ARCs really free?

Yes! ARCs are no-cost to the reader, though there is an exchange expected. When a publisher approves a reader for an ARC, they’re doing so with the expectation that the reader will review the book prior to its publication. This review may be posted to the book’s sales pages (ex., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc.), review sites (ex., Goodreads), and even the reviewer’s social media accounts.

At Josha, we ask that our ARC Team members post their review to all of these locations in which they already have an account. For example, if you have an Amazon account as well as a Goodreads account, please post your review to both locations. If you host a book blog, reading-related podcast, or are on Bookstagram or BookTok, please also post about the book there. Remember to include a note that says you received the book for free as an Advance Review Copy and are leaving the review voluntarily.

What kind of reviews should ARC readers give?

ARC readers should provide honest reviews, though they’re the most beneficial to the publisher and author of the book if they are positive. In some cases, even a three-star review can be considered positive if it’s an honest evaluation of the book and the reviewer enjoyed aspects of it or can see where others would, even if the book wasn’t their favorite.

At Josha, we never want a reviewer to give a false review. If a reviewer’s honest feedback is negative or critical, we ask that reviewer to please email our ARC Team organizer, Olivia Castetter, with their notes about the book. Such situations will be addressed on a case-by-case basis, and all feedback will be considered in a way that can help us better market our books to our target readers.

What expectations does Josha have for ARC Team members?

We expect all our ARC Team members to read and review each book they’ve agreed to read by the book’s release date. If for some reason they’re unable to post their review by release day, we ask that they do so no later than one week after its release. And if they’re unable to complete the reading and reviewing process entirely, we ask that they email our ARC Team organizer, Olivia Castetter, as soon as they realize they will be unable to complete the ARC. We understand that life happens and this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to participate in future ARC opportunities; we just want to make sure those who are receiving free books are fulfilling their end of the exchange as often as possible.

What genres does Josha send out ARCs for?

At this time, our ARCs are primarily fiction as well as some memoirs. Currently, all of our books feature some level of trauma, healing, and survival of violence. It’s important to note, though, that while our books typically include trauma, these topics are handled carefully with consideration for both what it’s like to experience those events and how they’re presented to the reader on the pages.

Do I get to pick and choose which Josha books I want to receive an ARC for?

When you fill out the survey to join the ARC Program at Josha, you will be added to the ARC email list. This means that you’ll receive an email from our ARC Team organizer anytime a new book is available to ARC, and all you’d need to do is reply to the email if you’re interested in reviewing it. However, if you don’t have the time to read and review it, or if it isn’t something you want to read or review, that’s okay; you can just wait and see if the next one fits your preferences.

Do I have to fill out the survey to join the ARC Program?

All hopeful ARC Team members must complete the survey to be considered for the program. This is to make sure that the readers who are interested in joining the program fit Josha’s needs as readers and that both parties—the reader and the publisher—will benefit from the exchange of a free book. For the reader, we want to make sure you receive a book you’ll enjoy, and as a publisher, we want to make sure our free books remain exclusive, only accessible to those who will help our authors reach the readers they wrote for.

If you are interested in joining the ARC Program at Josha Publishing and becoming part of the team that helps us inspire, encourage, and empower readers everywhere with each book we release, please complete this survey. Our ARC Team organizer will be in contact with you within five business days. You can also review a list of our published books here and shoot us an email with any questions.