Culture Matters

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) says that organizational culture is comprised of the “beliefs and values established by leaders and then communicated and reinforced through various methods… [it] sets the context for everything an enterprise does.” In other words, the culture of a company is determined by the way leadership team members treat others and view the world, and there’s a direct correlation between the environment of the workplace and the organization’s public personality.

But why is this important? Because it will trickle down to impact not only the organization, but customers and clients at every level. The culture you establish will heavily influence every stakeholder’s perception of your organization, for better or worse, which will ultimately impact your bottom line—your profits.

Perhaps even more importantly is the impact organizational culture has on the lives of everyone it touches; customers, yes, but also employees and contractors. The people who provide time and effort and care to further your organization’s goals.

And this is something we take very seriously at Josha Publishing.

We specialize in publishing books about life after trauma, whether fiction or nonfiction. But when it comes to books about life after trauma, it’s crucial to understand that they’re oftentimes penned by someone who is healing from trauma. While it can be triggering to read content about violence or abuse, for example, it can also be triggering to write and edit it. We don’t want to publish glamorized or formulaic depictions of life as a survivor—we strive to acquire and release true-to-life stories, ones that don’t shy away from the glorious imperfections that make us all so beautifully human. Read the words of Josha’s first author, Katherine Turner, in the preface to her debut novel, Finding Annie:

I’m writing the stories that I want to read, that I know others like me want to read, because we want to see ourselves in the books we pick up. I’m writing stories about people who struggle with the life-long impacts of physical and emotional abuse and sexual assault. People who battle anxiety disorders and PTSD from childhood trauma.

People like me.

Instead of hiding them as if they don’t exist, I’m exposing those raw and gritty and sometimes infuriating imperfections that are simultaneously what make us strong and beautiful. […] I’m not telling a story of easy fixes or a story where the characters suddenly realize their mistake and then ride off into the sunset never to make another mistake again and live happily ever after.

Katherine Turner, Finding Annie

Stories like Finding Annie—and the rest of Katherine’s Life Imperfect series—are the ones we want to tell. We are bringing to market those stories that shed light on the difficult realities of living with trauma in our pasts, the mental health impacts and daily struggles, like Olivia Castetter does in Me, Too: Voicing My Story, a book which reviewers declare a “must-read” for people from all walks of life who want to know what surviving trauma—and healing from it in our society—is truly like. With every book we publish, we aim to encourage more compassion, understanding, and grace in our daily lives, toward ourselves and one another. For that matter, we’re bringing awareness to what life with trauma—from moments of victimization to finding healing—is like, covering topics like sexual trauma as well as racism, classism, religious trauma, toxic masculinity, addiction, and much more.

We aren’t just publishing stories about these experiences, however. We’re living them, every day. Whether you work with us or you’re one of our authors, you’ll find that your mental health is important to Josha. We’ve built consideration of mental health needs into our operations at every level to allow the kind of flexibility we all need sometimes because, ultimately, we’re all human, and we all have challenges in our lives. We believe that no bottom line is worth more than any person’s mental health, and that when we provide safe spaces for healing, we’re able to build more than a company.

We’re able to rewrite the story of the world, one chapter at a time, as we march on to a healing ever after together.

Josha Publishing, LLC is a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-run company that is passionate about booksstories, and the power of words to change lives. Learn more about us here and remember to sign up for our newsletter to find out about new content, new books, and submissions update.

Culture Matters

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