Books That Inspire, Encourage & Empower

When Josha was first conceptualized, I wanted to create a company that published books with an impact. For fiction, I wanted to publish stories with characters who were relatable, rather than idealized stereotypes or classically flawed; instead, I wanted to help usher stories featuring fictional people with real problems—and raw healing processes—into the world. And when I thought about the memoirs I wanted to publish, I was drawn to books similar to the ones who have helped me throughout my life, books featuring trauma recovery and the healing power of self-love and community. Now, nearly four years after Josha was officially founded, we’re honored to publish books with an impact. We’ve heard from readers whose own healing journeys begun due to the fiction we’ve released so far, and we’ve even published a memoir by one of those very readers. But how did we get here?

By disrupting the status quo and providing a voice to the voiceless and publishing stories that have previously lived in silence.

Last week, Katherine Turner—our first author—talked about why she writes the kinds of books she writes, and in doing so tells us about the first story she ever wrote when she was ten: the story she needed to read, but couldn’t find. She took the experiences in her life and translated them into fiction so she could read about a girl like her: one who was struggling to cope with sexual trauma and find her self-worth again, even though she’d yet to learn those words Fast forward several decades, and she’s doing the same thing now; writing stories about people with experiences like hers.

Previously, author Olivia Castetter has written how Katherine Turner’s debut novel, Finding Annie, started her on her healing journey…and how, a little over a year after she first read that story, another one of Katherine’s books encouraged Olivia to find her voice. Now Olivia is using her voice to reach other survivors and show them they aren’t alone as well as to effect change at the policy-level in order to create a future in which life stories like hers aren’t so common.

Our authors are writing books so readers know they aren’t alone and can feel seen and heard and understood. So readers can feel empowered to be their authentic selves and voice their own stories. So readers can better understand the experiences of others and live with compassion, kindness, and bravery. They’re writing—and we’re publishing—books that inspire, encourage, and empower the readers and our authors:

Inspire: We want readers to be inspired, whether that’s to embark on a personal development journey, to become active in their communities or in some other way effect societal change, or to change the way they look at the world and themselves.

Encourage: Our stories encourage readers to be compassionate, kind, and brave, to find their voices to stand up for the truth of their life story and what they believe in, and to recognize and appreciate the humanity in all of us.

Empower: Josha’s books empower readers to find healing and to share their stories, especially in moments that require extraordinary courage. Embracing the power of a pen in the hand of a passionate writer, we believe our stories can transform the lives of our readers. And as our authors can attest, voicing the stories of their resilience empowers them along their journeys, too.

Josha Publishing, LLC is a woman-founded, woman-owned, and woman-run company that is passionate about booksstories, and the power of words to change lives. Learn more about us here and remember to sign up for our newsletter to find out about new content, new books, and submissions updates.

Books That
Inspire, Encourage & Empower

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