Madly Deeply Wildly

Katherine Turner

Will the past Renata has fled catch up to her and destroy her future? 

Renata is a writer. Or…she was. After finding the courage to leave her abusive fiancé, Damien, and move back to her hometown, Renata realizes she has lost not only her words but herself. She navigates life with a caution she never knew before and doesn’t let anyone too close.  

Inspired to honor her promise to her late father to always follow her heart, she takes a job at a local café and sets her sights on reviving her love of writing. With the café’s friendly owner, Fern, and upbeat barista Caroline, Renata discovers much about life, friendship, and love. Renata’s life is looking up, and when she hits it off with handsome baker Chad, she believes she may finally find her happy ending.  

But her relationship with Chad triggers wounds from her past, which she hides from him while grappling alone with the resultant fear, trauma, and shame. Chad may not forgive Renata once he discovers she’s been lying to him, and after a dangerous appearance from Damien further jeopardizes their relationship, the decisions she makes will determine the course of their relationship. Can Renata escape Damien for good and learn to trust again? Or will echoes of her past destroy their future?  

Available in e-book and paperback.